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Jemima House Day Nursery has an open plan layout but within that we have three distinct 'rooms'. Children transition through the rooms easily as they are able to see and engage with the adults and children in the adjoining areas and they know exactly what to expect.

Our two younger groups work very closely together and you will often find the Little Chicks joining Ducklings for activities and meal times!

Little Chicks

Our baby room caters for up to 6 little ones and is run by 2 very experienced practitioners - Emma, who is also our deputy manager, and Kerry, who has recently been promoted to deputy room leader for Little Chicks and Ducklings.

They ensure that each baby's changing needs are met and that their environment is every bit as exciting and engaging as it is for the older children.


Toddlers move into Ducklings at around 19 months, depending on their stage of development and are cared for by Claire, Lauren and Natalie. 

The team strive to  provide activities and experiences that captivate the children and spark curiosity, using the children's current interests as a base. 


Our preschool room takes children from 3 years old and is overseen by Natasha (room leader), Becky (deputy room leader), Lynne, Sarah and Angie. Together they promote those all important skills needed for moving onto school by encouraging independence, problem solving, social skills and a whole lot more. 

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment to come and visit the setting, please contact      us on:


Main number: (01480) 276513


Nursery Mobile: (07732) 161293




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